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In a couple of thousand years, “the Earthlings ended up proliferating. To get While using the Anunnaki they were eager, for meals rations they toiled properly. Of heat and mud they did not complain, of backbreaking they didn't grumble. Of hardships of work the Anunnaki had been relieved.”

. For levirate, a brother–Nergal, Dumuzi’s brother in this case–of the man who died impregnates his useless brother’s wife. The kid they beget succeeds the useless brother.

To their Tree of Life two branches are already included, with procreating powers their daily life essencs at the moment are entined.’” [

“Inanna’s fury no boundaries realized; together with her weapons on Marduk’s followers Demise she inflicted. The blood of people, as by no means before in the world, like rivers flowed.” Inanna and Marduk both equally loosed lasers on each other’s Earthling armies.

This stone column, enscribed with Adad’s bull, within the Chavin De Huacar’s Center constructing sticks by way of a hole in the floor higher than it. [

Hatshepsut adopted the boy and termed him Moses.” She gave him “the epithet common in her dynasty Together with the component mss

* Re Anunnaki woman pictured: Here is what Wes Penre wrote on his website: "This unique photo incorporates a Tale driving it, which I would like to inform. It was taken by Dr. Bordon in a meeting in Puerto Rico. This individual LPG-C member, whom naturally realized with regards to their existence from earlier annual meetings, was stunned to fulfill 4 of such beings from the Puerto Rico gathering. Bordon told me that these beings have been taller than humans, but not tremendously taller; somewhere in between 6 to 7 ft.

Karen was tested to the capacities of telepathy, remote viewing, and telempathic contact. A divine intervention introduced Karen out with the clutches of that application, builders boksburg nonetheless she grew to become conscious of her capabilities to produce contact with several kinds of beings, with the ability to obtain the “akashic” report or even the human “biokind biomind” for information, and do channeling by means of automatic crafting.

Sumerians lacked telescopes and couldn’t see Uranus’ and Neptune’s orbits the route maps show. Nibiran-dictated maps demonstrate they'd astronomical details Sumerians, by themselves, didn’t. The maps accurately detail the complete Earth from Room, a viewpoint unachievable for historic Sumerians by themselves.

Earth “attained the shape of a globe dictated by forces of gravity. Waters gathered into your cavity about the torn-off facet. Dry land builders association of india appeared in the world’s other side. Breakup from the Earth’s crust, plate tectonics, variations between continental and oceanic crusts, emergence of a Pangaea [only one continent] from under the waters, the primordial encircling ocean” led our scientists to confirm the Nibiran design of Earth fashioned right after Evil Wind then Nibiru hit Tiamat. [ZS,

Enki developed Enkidu, an android, to tame Gilgamesh and despatched the tantric practitioner Shamhat to tame him. Gilgamesh and Enkidu fought, then turned best pals. Gilgamesh went with Enkidu into the rocketpad at Baalbek to plead Together with the gods to get a rocket to Nibiru for immortality he considered they enjoyed.

Skirmishes along with the likelihood of harmful war grew between Enki’s and Enlil’s lineages. Then their darlings made a decision to marry. Enkiite and Enlilite elders hoped that if Dumuzi more info here wed Inanna, lethal rivalry amongst their lineages would prevent.

Here’s how the Anunnaki, and possibly Angkor’s builders, generated ability. From the canal around Angor’s partitions, they piped water into a stagnant pool under pyramids. They pressured the stagnant pools with pumping and/or sonar devices.

Steps led from the jap terrace at Chavin De Huantar to some sunken plaza surrounded on three sides by rectangular platrorms. A significant flat boulder with seven grind holes and an oblong area of interest stood “Outside the southwestern corner with the sunken plaza.”

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